Board of Directors

Delaware County Council established CAADC in 1979 to fight the “renewed war on poverty” and designated it the County’s Anti-Poverty Agency.  CAADC is a private non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation managed by a 21-member Board of Directors that equally represent the public, private, and client sectors. 

CAADC Board of Directors
Patrick G. Tomlinson, President
Dr. Edward L. Collymore, Vice President
John P. DiEnna, Jr. Secretary/Treasurer

Paul J. Durkin
Cory Logan
Albert J. Melfi, Jr.
Joseph F. Murphy
Dr. Jerome S. Parker
Joan Perry
Diane Simon
Ann Shiffer
Robert J. Tyler
Larry Weng
Nolan Woodland
Delaware County Council:
Mario J. Civera, Jr., Chairman
Colleen P. Morrone, Vice Chairman
Councilman Michael F. Culp
Councilman John P. McBlain
Councilman David J. White